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Sheryls Last Stand

Sheryls Last Stand

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Thirty Shades of Red


Sheryl has lost her mojo


Sheryl has seen better days, and now, on the wrong side of thirty-five, she has lost it all and must start again. Not alone; but under the watchful eye of her mother. A woman with as much sensitivity as a comedian at a hen do.


Where does she start?


With a newly discovered passion for belly dancing, Sheryl sets out to chase her fantasies. But, with a teacher like Nefertiti, and mother like Beatrice chasing your fantasies is easier said than done...


Sheryl’s Last Stand is a Bridget Jones type comedy with a heroine we can all relate to and a great read if you’re having one of those "stick your head in the sand-I don’t want to get out of bed" days.


Sheryl makes you laugh, cry but most of all not give up.


She is the first in the Belly Dancing and Beyond series- laugh out loud stories about a group of women who have at one time or another danced with the great Nefertiti. Each book is a stand-alone tale jam-packed with familiar characters you will grow to love, maybe hate but will definitely want to read about again.


"A poignant romantic comedy." ★★★★★
“The voice is Scottish urban girl snark." ★★★★★
"Good read, funny, fast-paced, zany characters." ★★★★★

Author: Noor, Kerrie

Pagination: 168 pages

Publisher: Unknown

Publication Date: Unknown

BIC: Fiction & related items

Weight(g): Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

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