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Dear Henry

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Synopsis:" It's like working your whole life toward something you never knew you'd even get to see. Working always on the promise that one day, if you were lucky, if you did everything right, you might."

In March 2000, Robert Henderson faked his own death to give his new born son, Henry, a life that he knew he would never be able to provide. Thirteen years later he attempts to reconnect by means of a simply-worded letter. Over two years, the pair explore what it is to be father and son, forging a relationship that neither one has ever truly known. On the eve of Henry's fifteenth birthday, the only thing left is for the pair to finally meet. That, however, is where the real problem arises...

Told entirely through letters, it is a glimpse into the life of an unfortunate Scouser and the child he once knew, exploring the bonds between fathers and sons.

Author: Wray, Connor

Pagination: 8 illustrations

Publisher: Holland House Books

Publication Date: 42644

BIC: Fiction & related items

Weight(g): Unknown

Dimensions: Unknown

Pagination: 8 illustrations