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The First Horseman

The First Horseman

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Author: Chambers, Clem

Computing & information technology

Published on 1 January 1800 by NO EXIT PRESS (N/A) as part of 'the Unknown' series.

Paperback |
198 x 129 | 0g

Some would give everything just to live one more year. To live another hundred, some would destroy everything.

Jim Evans, retired super-rich trader, only wants to do good. He wants to fund research that will save lives.

Professor Christopher Cardini has developed medical technology he says will change the world. Through cell therapy, he can even rejuvenate the dying.

Yet there's something Jim will find even all his money can't buy: protection from a brilliant, but twisted, mind.

The First Horseman is the fourth book in the acclaimed 'Jim Evans' thriller series, by Clem Chambers. It focuses on what might happen if we had the ability to turn the human body clock back? If we were able to repair telomeres, the tiny proteins found at the end of every strand of human DNA - we could live much longer, perhaps even become immortal, like Hydra.

Yet when such a medicine would result in many more billions of people fighting to live amongst ruins of an ecologically exhausted planet, what would be the point? Professor Cardini sees no point. He plans to deal with seething humanity in a way that will both shock and horrify. Will he succeed in releasing his tiny, but deadly 'First Horseman' and wreak bloody havoc on the world? Not if Jim Evans can help it.

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