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Captain Marvel: An Origin Story (Marvel Origins)

Captain Marvel: An Origin Story (Marvel Origins)

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Author: Gosling, Sharon

The arts

Published on 20 August 2020 by Bonnier Books Ltd (Studio Press) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 192 pages
196 x 128 x 18 | 148g

This is the story of Carol Danvers, a US Air Force officer who later became Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers has a big dream of going into space one day and she's determined to work hard and follow her ambitions. Fighting stereotypes and her father along the way, Carol joins the Air Force and ends up as head of security at a top secret NASA base where a series of events suddenly turn her world upside down. She emerges as Captain Marvel, one of the most powerful Super Heroes in history. This is a story about dreams, being true to yourself and taking charge of your own power.

Marvel Origins tell the stories of our favourite Marvel characters from their early lives and struggles to getting their powers and becoming some of the best-known Super Heroes of all time. These action-packed books are the perfect way to introduce children to the world of Marvel or to learn more about their favourite heroes.

(c) 2020 MARVEL

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