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Archaeology : Discovering the World's Secrets

Archaeology : Discovering the World's Secrets

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Synopsis: Covering the complete duration of human history and spanning the entire globe, this volume provides the perfect introduction to the science of the past. It tells the story of the archaeologists who unravel the mysteries ancient and modern. From the Napoleonic expeditions to uncover the Rosetta stone in Egypt to the forgotten Anasazi empire of the American southwest, Gaynor Aaltonen takes readers on an exciting adventure into the world of archaeology. He carefully explores the various techniques used by archaeologists and how they have changed over time to the recent embrace of the latest technologies and what this means for our understanding of the past.

Author: Aaltonen, Gaynor

Format: Paperback

Pagination: 304 pages, Paperback

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing Ltd

Publication Date: 01/04/2021

BIC: Humanities

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