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Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures (Pathfinder 2e)

Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures (Pathfinder 2e)

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Authors: Mark Seifter, Stephen Glicker, Mark Seifter, Ameur Makhloufi, Firat Solhan, Egil Thompson, Itamar Raz, Bruno Senigalha & Rael Dionisio

Role-playing, war games & fantasy sports

Published on 28th January 2025 by Roll For Combat in the United States.

Hardback | 168 pages
279mm x 229mm | 0g

Become The Monster!With Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters, you finally get a chance to play as a monster in your Pathfinder 2e games. Discover the might and mysteries of 12 unique monstrous ancestries, including powerful demons, cunning doppelgangers, sentient dungeons, tricky gremlins, intelligent weapons, sneaky mimics, brawny minotaurs, serene nymphs, determined oni, fairytale sidhe, amorphous slimes, and medusakin sthenos.

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