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The End of Epidemics : how to stop viruses and save humanity now

The End of Epidemics : how to stop viruses and save humanity now

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Author: Quick, Dr Jonathan D., Fryer, Bronwyn, Heymann, Dr David


Published on 13 May 2021 by Scribe Publications in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 320 pages
129 x 197 x 23 | 262g

COVID-19 was the dystopian nightmare pandemic experts warned us about. How do we stop it from ever happening again?COVID-19 catapulted us into a science-fiction scenario: seemingly overnight, literally billions of people around the globe had their lives upended by fear, uncertainty, bankruptcy, illness, or death. It killed millions of people, and cost the global economy trillions of dollars.

An outbreak of a new, deadly, highly contagious virus was inevitable. But an explosive global pandemic was not. There is hope, and as this book explains, a pandemic-free world is possible.

In The End of Epidemics, leading public health authority Dr Jonathan D. Quick tells the stories of the heroes, past and present, who have succeeded in their fights to stop the spread of illness and death. He explains the science and the politics of combatting epidemics. And he provides a detailed seven-part plan showing exactly how world leaders, health professionals, the business community, media, and ordinary citizens can work together to prevent epidemics, saving millions of lives and safeguarding our future.

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