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When Trouble Sleeps : 2

When Trouble Sleeps : 2

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Author: Adenle, Leye

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Published on 4 September 2018 by Cassava Republic Press.

Paperback | 336 pages
198 x 129 x 25 | 320g

Amaka returns in this gripping sequel to Easy Motion Tourist, and finds herself in more trouble than ever. When a plane crash kills the state gubernatorial candidate, Chief Ojo is picked to replace him. The same Chief Ojo who beat up a girl in The Harem, a secret sex club, and left her for dead. The same Chief Ojo who Amaka caught with pictures and videos of underage sex acts on his phone. Amaka is the only person standing between him and election victory, and Ojo sends hired guns Malik and Shehu after her. Chief Balogun, his powerful father in-law also hires a gang of thugs for the job. Amaka must outwit them all to survive.

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