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Dry January : 101 alcohol-free tips to get you to February

Dry January : 101 alcohol-free tips to get you to February

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Author: Glass, Stephanie

Lifestyle, sport & leisure

Published on 8 December 2016 by HarperCollins Publishers (Portico) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 112 pages, 10 illustrations
145 x 110 | 120g

101 nifty tips, some more serious than others, for getting you through a January without booze.

A book of 101 tips for people engaged in the increasingly popular Dry January movement, in which you give up alcohol for the whole of January. Tips range from the practical ('Put a lock on your drinks cabinet and give someone else the key') to the less practical ('Deliberately get infected with an illness requiring a month-long course of antibiotics') and from the sensible ('Keep a daily total of all the money you're saving') to the silly ('Unfriend anyone on Facebook with a birthday in January').

A brief introduction looks at why it's a good idea to forego booze for a month, and will also address the thorny issue of when Dry January actually starts (can you have a drink after midnight at your New Year's Eve party?). The early tips focus on getting started and building up momentum, while the last few will be especially designed to get you over the finishing line with ease. It suggests places (and people!) to avoid during your tipple-free month, and gives healthy, positive habits to take up to distract you from the thought of what you're missing. Practical and inspirational but with a dash of irreverent humour, with this book going dry for a month couldn't be easier!Word count: 4,000

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