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Three-Dimensional Textiles : with Coils, Loops, Knots and Nets

Three-Dimensional Textiles : with Coils, Loops, Knots and Nets

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Author: Lee, Ruth

20th century

Published on 1 January 1800 by BATSFORD (N/A) as part of 'the Unknown' series.

Hardback |
276 x 216 | 860g

Innovative techniques with coils, plaits, loops, knots and nets for textile artistsCreate two-and three-dimensional structures with embellishmentsBasic construction techniques with step-by-step diagramsStunning samples and finished textile piecesAn important book for textile artists looking for new ways of working in two- and three-dimensions, using the techniques of interweaving, looping, twining, knotting, netting and coiling. Traditionally used in basketry and net-making, these simple techniques - that need no machinery and no looms - are perfect for textile artists looking for fresh ideas. A range of tactile materials can be used in these techniques, from yarns to hemp, nettle string, fabric strips and fine rattan to polythene tubing and plastic packaging tape - plus there are instructions on making your own cordage. The author introduces ways to embellish these structures with found objects, distressed Tyvek, felted tubes, shells, seed heads, wire, paper-knotted tubes and metal tubes. Each chapter takes the reader through the basics of the construction process with clear step-by-step illustrations and diagrams in addition to samples and stunning finished pieces.

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