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2025 Philip's Big Road Atlas of Britain & Ireland

2025 Philip's Big Road Atlas of Britain & Ireland

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Author: Philip's Maps

United Kingdom, Great Britain | Ireland | Road atlases & maps

Published on 6th June 2024 by Octopus Publishing Group (Philip's) in the United Kingdom as part of the 'Philip's Road Atlases' series.

Paperback / softback | 168 pages
384mm x 297mm | 0g

'Good balance between detail and clarity with excellent town maps' What Car?PHILIP'S is No. 1 in the UK for clear maps. The latest 2025 Philip's Big Road Atlas of Britain and Ireland, in a supersize large format, has fully updated maps from the Philip's digital database alongside all the detail and information needed for successful travel.

* Top driving tips for safety and skill including parallel parking * The best scenic routes, natural features and landscape highlighted for enhanced travelling* Practical 'more to view per page' A3 size* Main scale of maps: 3 miles to 1 inch = 1:200,000 for ease of use* Route-planning section for the easiest navigation* 64 fully indexed town and city plans* City approach maps with named roads for the best access* Clear road map showing all of Ireland2025 Philip's Big Road Atlas of Britain and Ireland contains 96 pages of road maps covering Britain at 3 miles to 1 inch (Scottish Highlands and Western Isles at 4 miles to 1 inch, Orkney and Shetland at 5.25 miles to 1 inch). The maps clearly mark service areas, roundabouts and multi-level junctions for easy navigation, and in rural areas distinguish between roads over and under 4 metres wide, to help wide vehicles. There are extra-detailed town plans for easy navigation with all counties marked for clarity. The atlas also includes a 2-page road map of Ireland, route-planning maps, a distance table, and 12 large-scale city approach maps with named arterial roads and the expanded ULEZ clearly outlined for London.

Wherever you are driving in Britain or Ireland, this is the ultimate road companion.

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