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Kew Pocketbooks: Herbs and Spices

Kew Pocketbooks: Herbs and Spices

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Author: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

The arts

Published on 5 May 2022 by Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew Publishing) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Kew Pocketbooks' series.

Hardback | 96 pages
146 x 191 x 16 | 320g

This stunning series of pocketbooks from Kew offers a snapshot into the diverse and beautiful world of plants and fungi. Each book lavishly showcases choice examples from different groups or collections.

Hot, spicy, aromatic, zingy, floral, earthy and fragrant, herbs and spices are integral to our daily meals and drinks, delivering flavour and colour in abundance. Kew Pocketbooks: Herbs and Spices offers a glimpse into this lively world with 40 stunning paintings form the Kew archives, showcasing the plant forms of our favourite herbs and spices, some more familiar than others, such as the verdant bunches of parsley and coriander, to the vibrant red of cinnamon leaves and the yellow flowers of ginger.

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