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The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!

The Quickest Bedtime Story Ever!

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Author: Fitzgerald, Louise, Hindley, Kate

Children's, young adult & educational

Published on 6 July 2023 by Nosy Crow Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 32 pages
250 x 291 x 13 | 212g

The speediest bedtime story you will ever read - it's only ten words long!Welcome to the quickest bedtime story ever! Your little one will be asleep in seconds. But wait! There are a couple of things you must do first. Have you plumped up the pillows? And colour-co-ordinated the teddy bears? Getting ready for a story is a very important business, I'll have you know...

Ingenious, inventive, and interactive, this laugh-out-loud picture book is guaranteed to become a bedtime favourite. From debut author Louise Fitzgerald and bestselling artist Kate Hindley, winner of the Sainsbury's Children's Book Award and Oscar's Book Prize in 2021.

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