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Destination Time Travel

Destination Time Travel

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Author: Nallon, Steve

The arts

Published on 23 October 2023 by LUATH PRESS LTD in the United Kingdom.

Hardback |
135 x 205 x 32 | 382g

Where are we going? The future, Doc! Great Scott! Not forgetting the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey past. That’s right, ticket holders, Destination Time Travel is your journey into the many worlds of the time travel tale – exploring its tropes, its rules, its devices, its science, its values, its plots, its characters and, most importantly, its enduring – and timeless – appeal.

Alongside their upcoming film seminar at the British Film Institution in October, join Steve Nallon and Dick Fiddy as they explore the world’s obsession with time travel in film and television. From the classics of Doctor Who and Back To The Future to the Netflix hit Dark, Nallon and Fiddy explore just what it is about time travel that makes us tick. This book will be a guaranteed hit with fans of time travel and the different film and television series that Nallon and Fiddy explore. It will also be key to film buffs and those interested in the medium. 

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