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Midlothian Folk Tales for Children

Midlothian Folk Tales for Children

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Author: Tim Porteus

Central Scotland | Myth & legend told as fiction | Local history | Traditional stories (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 13th June 2024 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback |
198mm x 129mm | 0g

This collection is full of stories that children love to hear time and again. Told by local storyteller Tim Porteus who grew up in Midlothian, these stories are in his bones. Full of witches and wizards, magical creatures and eerie happenings, there is something to delight and amuse in every tale. The stories are all tied to a specific place in Midlothian and will also encourage an interest in the area, helping children engage with the history of their surroundings.

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