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Author: Christopher Sandford

United Kingdom, Great Britain | c 1960 to c 1970 | Postwar 20th century history, from c 1945 to c 2000 | Social & cultural history | Popular culture | Nostalgia: general

Published on 29th February 2024 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 288 pages, 12 Illustrations, black and white
234mm x 156mm | 0g

Step back in time to 1964, a year of cultural upheaval and political transformation. From the rise of the Civil Rights movement in the United States to the global phenomenon of Beatlemania, this was the year that gave us bold fashion, unforgettable music and social change that continues to shape society across the world today.

While Britain’s new Labour government promised the ‘white heat of technology’, on the world stage 1964 saw the escalation of the Vietnam War, Nelson Mandela’s sentence to life imprisonment and the continued brinkmanship of the global arms race. Brand-new subcultures clashed at Margate beach, where thousands of Mods and Rockers fought over their differing values, while London’s Carnaby Street shone vibrantly in the country’s capital and women flocked to Mary Quant’s iconic designs, empowered by changing social sensibilities and rising hemlines.

In this captivating blend of historical events, cultural trends and personal anecdotes, Christopher Sandford tells the full and colourful story of the year that ushered in the modern era.

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