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Spectacular Visual Guides: A Medieval Castle

Spectacular Visual Guides: A Medieval Castle

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Authors: Mark Bergin & Mark Bergin

History & the past: general interest (Children's / Teenage) | Warfare, battles, armed forces (Children's / Teenage) | People & places (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 6th June 2024 by Bonnier Books Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the 'Spectacular Visual Guides' series.

Paperback / softback | 48 pages
280mm x 215mm | 0g

A Medieval Castle examines the architectural achievements and hidden secrets held within the walls of some of history's greatest fortifications.

Explore the motives behind medieval castle building in this informative visual guide to the most fascinating fortresses in history! Consider what problems the castle might face in conflicts, such as siege warfare and bombardment, as well as the many defences used to fight off invaders, including the daunting portcullis and dark dungeons. This book also gives an insight into the various different people needed to make castle life run smoothly, and their day-to-day responsibilities.

With superb cutaway illustrations and pinpoint enlargements to accompany the text, this book is the perfect gift for history enthusiasts eager to learn more about the development of forts and strongholds from the beginning of the Middle Ages. Informative captions, maps, a complete glossary and an index make this title an ideal educational text for children studying the kings, queens and period in history.

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