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Luna the Loon and Her Marvelous Tune

Luna the Loon and Her Marvelous Tune

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Authors: Chelsea Johnson Fischer & Sharon Campbell

Animal stories (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 5th June 2024 by Starfish Bay Publishing Pty Ltd (Tiny Seed) in Australia.

Hardback | 32 pages, Full colour interior
210mm x 255mm | 340g

Luna is a loon who sings beautifully, but wishes she was special like her kiwi friend Kare, who has a unique long beak, perfect for digging for bugs on the forest floor. When Kare is lost, Luna takes flight to search for him, discovering that she too has unique skills and talents that make her special in her own way. Through her friendship with Kare, Luna learns to embrace her differences, while discovering the spirit of being a kind-hearted kiwi.

This heartwarming story of self-discovery features striking, jewel-toned illustrations that bring to life the glorious birdlife and stunning natural beauty of New Zealand.

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