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Supertramp: Crime Of The Century

Supertramp: Crime Of The Century

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Author: Steve Pilkington

Music: styles & genres

Published on 27th June 2024 by Sonicbond Publishing in the United Kingdom as part of the 'Rock Classics' series.

Paperback / softback | 104 pages, 16 colour pages
198mm x 129mm | 0g

Some albums are simply undeniable watersheds in an artist’s career. Artistic or commercial triumphs (or sometimes both), but most importantly seen by both the fanbase and, to a greater or lesser degree the wider world, as a defining statement in their catalogue. Such was undoubtedly the case when Supertramp released Crime Of The Century in 1974.

Up to that point, the band had released two albums which searched for a direction almost as much as Supertramp themselves searched for a stable line-up. So few copies were sold as to leave the band almost entirely unknown by the time 1973 came along, when everything changed.

Like some serendipitous alchemy, the perfect five-piece line-up coalesced around the creative hub of Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies, and there was a tangible belief and confidence which had simply not been present before. They took time away from playing live and meticulously crafted the Crime Of The Century album, which immediately put them into theatres and into the charts.

This book examines the making of the album, and looks into the music and lyrical content with some depth. It also looks at the wider story of the band as it revolves around this crucial point in 1974, and the lasting legacy of the masterpiece which was Crime Of The Century.

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