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Dora: A Headcase

Dora: A Headcase

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Author: Yuknavitch, Lidia, Palahniuk, Chuck

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Published on 5 September 2019 by Canongate Books in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 224 pages, No
127 x 197 x 14 | 158g

Ida has a secret: she is in love with her best friend. But any time she gets close to intimacy, Ida faints or loses her voice. She needs a shrink. Or so her philandering father thinks.

Immediately wise to the head games of her new shrink, Siggy, Ida - and alter-ego Dora - hatch a plan to secretly film him. But when the film goes viral, Ida finds herself targeted by unethical hackers.

Dora: A Headcase is a contemporary coming-of-age story based on Freud's famous case study, retold and revamped through Dora's point-of-view. Yuknavitch's Dora is radical and unapologetic - you won't have met a character quite like her before.

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