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Judge Dredd: The Darkest Judge

Judge Dredd: The Darkest Judge

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Author: Niemand, Kenneth, Flint, Henry, Abnett, Dan, Beeby, Emma, Cornwell, Dan, D'Israeli, Edginton, Ian, G

Interest age: from c 12 years

Published on 18 July 2023 by Rebellion in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Judge Dredd' series.

Paperback | 128 pages
187 x 260 x 11 | 452g

What if at the end of Judge Dredd: Judgement Day a different strategy was used in order to stop the zombie invasion? Instead of Judge Dredd executing Sabbat the Necromagus this plan involves dropping dimension-bombs to shift the whole zombie horde into a different reality. This means disaster for all the other characters published in the pages of 2000 AD as the zombies infect everyone from Rogue Trooper to Sinister Dexter, from Ace Trucking to The V.C.'s. There is now a whole multiverse of zombies that need killing, and only a few heroes left to take care of business!

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