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Running: Getting Started

Running: Getting Started

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Author: Jeff Galloway

Active outdoor pursuits

Published on 20th June 2024 by Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 240 pages, 20
240mm x 165mm | 0g

Running: Getting Started is the perfect guide for any person, at any fitness level, looking to start running for the first time, return to running after a break, or reset their training. Running coach and Olympian Jeff Galloway outlines what a person needs to know to get started, such as finding a running store and selecting the best pair of running shoes. Jeff also provides week-by-week training plans that can be tweaked depending on individual goals, making it easy to fit training into any lifestyle and stick with it. Jeff also includes information important to the beginner runner, such as nutrition and how to eat for running and weight loss, how to maintain good running form, how to stay injury free, how to stay motivated, how to prepare for that first race, and more. His advice is suitable for beginners at any age. With this book, everyone will not only start running, but they will enjoy their runs so much they will continue to run until they're 100!

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