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The World’s Best Book of Riddles

The World’s Best Book of Riddles

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Authors: Bryony Davies & Andrew Pinder

Hobbies, quizzes & games (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 6th June 2024 by Michael O'Mara Books Ltd (Buster Books) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 160 pages, B&W
198mm x 129mm | 125g

Filled with over 150 of the best riddles around, this fun and challenging puzzle book is designed to give kids’ brains a workout.

What’s harder to catch the faster you run?Which word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?What has many rings but no fingers?From quick, easy riddles to keep young minds ticking over to longer riddles that involve some serious thinking power, this book is packed with brain-bending, rib-tickling conundrums to develop logic and lateral-thinking skills.

All of the riddles are accompanied by hilarious illustrations by Andrew Pinder, which add humour without giving the game away.

Also available: The Kids’ Book of Awesome Riddles (9781780556352), which has sold over 35,000 copies in the English language.

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