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The Wild Beastie: A Tale from the Isle of Begg

The Wild Beastie: A Tale from the Isle of Begg

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Authors: Helen Kellock & Helen Kellock

Picture storybooks

Published on 6th June 2024 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 32 pages
220mm x 220mm | 320g

Meet Bumple and Little Mop: stars of a wild and wonderful new adventure from award-winning author and artist Helen Kellock.

A story about what it really means to be wild, from an award-winning author and artist. In a forgotten part of the sea, there lies a secret island: the Isle of Begg. Its shores are wild and wonderful, with creatures of every kind... But there's one little creature, called Bumple, who has no interest in the island's wonders – she'd much rather stay put in her cosy home patch. It's only when a mischievous little beastie crash lands in her world that Bumple begins to realize ... a little bit of wildness can be a LOT of fun!

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