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Uh-oh! Rabbit

Uh-oh! Rabbit

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Author: Ham, Jo

Lifestyle, sport & leisure

Published on 7 September 2023 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Jo Ham's Rabbit' series.

Hardback | 32 pages
185 x 183 x 7 | 190g

Meet Rabbit, the international sensation, on a brand-new book adventure!What goes up must come down! Hold your breath as the adventurous but accident-prone Rabbit discovers the Uh-oh! in see-sawing, swimming, skiing and speeding down slides! There's fun to be had in both the highs and the lows in Rabbit's carefree world.

Rabbit celebrates the magic of everyday life and has been spotted everywhere from the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Rabbit can also be found on ceramics, textiles, prints and nursery decorations that are favourites in homes all around the world.

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