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She Played and Sang

She Played and Sang

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Author: Gillian Dooley

Classical music (c 1750 to c 1830) | Biography: literary | Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers

Published on 5th March 2024 by Manchester University Press in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 344 pages, 4 black & white illustrations
139mm x 206mm x 32mm | 424g

Like her much-loved heroine Emma Woodhouse, Jane Austen 'played and sang'. Music occupied a central role in her life, and she made brilliant use of it in her books to illuminate characters' personalities and highlight the contrasts between them.

Until recently, our knowledge of Austen's musical inclinations was limited to the recollections of relatives who were still in their youth when she passed away. But with the digitisation of music books from her immediate family circle, a treasure trove of evidence has emerged. Delving into these books, alongside letters and other familial records, She played and sang unveils a previously unknown facet of Austen's world.

This insightful work not only uncovers the music closely associated with Austen, but also unravels her musical connections with family and friends, revealing the intricate ties between her fiction and the melodies she performed. With these revelations, Austen's musical legacy comes to life, granting us a deeper understanding of her artistic prowess and the influences that shaped her literary masterpieces. -- .

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