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Adolescence: How to Survive It : Insights for Parents, Teachers and Young Adults

Adolescence: How to Survive It : Insights for Parents, Teachers and Young Adults

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Author: Little, Tony, Etkin, Herb

Society & social sciences

Published on 27 June 2019 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Bloomsbury Continuum) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 256 pages
217 x 141 x 24 | 380g

There is a crisis emerging in the lives of 21st century young people, their parents, teachers and peers. The complex experiences of adolescents with permanent access to technology, growing psychological pressures, increasing competition for grades and eventually jobs mean this generation of teenagers are beset by a range of problems never encountered by their predecessors.

In this book, former Head Master of Eton and bestselling author Tony Little and child and adolescent psychiatrist Herb Etkin tackle the problems faced by adolescents and set out how to combat them. Adolescence: How to Survive It covers a range of subjects from what adolescence actually is, to challenges such as drug use and discipline, character and wellbeing. The book sets adolescence in context before Little and Etkin engage in a series of question-and-answer dialogues to tackle key issues which are relevant and useful to anyone working or living with adolescents, and the teenagers themselves.

Like Tony Little's bestselling An Intelligent Person's Guide to Education ('Little's 10 top tips for dealing with adolescents are alone worth the cover price' Sunday Times) this is a highly readable and indispensable book for parents, teachers and young people alike.

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