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King's Legacy

King's Legacy

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Author: L.C. Rosen

Of specific Gay & Lesbian interest | Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage) | Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage) | Personal & social issues: sexuality & relationships (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 20th June 2024 by Union Square & Co. in the United States as part of the 'Tennessee Russo' series.

Hardback | 368 pages
210mm x 140mm | 0g

Tennessee Russo has done more difficult things than this before.

He’s evaded traps, found lost treasures, become kind of famous, gotten over a bad relationship, and survived all that. Filming a new season of his artifact-hunting reality show for a major international streaming service should be easy, right? His archeologist dad even said Tennessee is in charge of what artifacts they go after. Plus, Ten’s awesome best friend (and sometimes more), Gabe, gets to come along on the adventure.

But here’s the thing: Tennessee wants to hunt down a long-lost gift that King David gave Jonathan. Queer history, especially of Biblical figures, isn’t easy for some people to believe or accept. Tennessee has done his research, and he knows where the clues point. But what happens when the producer of the show threatens to misrepresent not just Ten’s ideas, but his identity? To tell the true story of his queer legacy, Tennessee will have to race through Rome and Paris, stand up to the actual Vatican, crack ancient puzzles, and maybe hardest of all, reclaim the power of being his authentic self. Along the way, author L.C. Rosen delivers the excitement, romance, and magic of a wildly fun adventure.

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