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The Classic Guide to Football

The Classic Guide to Football

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Author: N/A / Alcock, C W


Published on 8 December 2020 by Unknown (N/A) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Unknown' series.

Hardback |
198 x 124 | 245g

The beautiful game as we know it today was founded at the end of the nineteenth century. The history of football as a sport in England can be traced back to at least the eighth century, but the laws of the modern game were first standardised between 1848 and 1886.

Charles William Alcock has been described as one of the fathers of the modern game. In 1871, as Secretary of the Football Association, he founded the world's oldest footballing competition, the FA Cup. He set down much of the history and knowledge he had accumulated over his long career in this, one of the very first 'manuals' of the sport, in 1906.

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