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Natterjack Toad Can't Believe It!

Natterjack Toad Can't Believe It!

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Authors: Sean Taylor & Kathryn Durst

Picture storybooks

Published on 6th June 2024 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 40 pages
250mm x 270mm | 0g

Will Natterjack Toad EVER get to eat his cookies? Or will he become a SNACK himself?Do you have a favourite snack? One you've been thinking about all day, and just can't wait to tuck into? Well, our friend Natterjack Toad has a packet of delicious chocolate-chunk crunchy-munch cookies and he can't wait to tuck in. So, he gets himself all nice and comfortable, ready to savour every last chocolately bite – he reaches into the packet, he opens his mouth, and then ... Natterjack Toad can't believe it! Every time he tries to eat his cookies, there's something in the way: a lanky heron, a frisky-whiskered weasel, a scurrying vole – all on the lookout for a (toady) snack themselves. Will he ever be able to eat his chocolate-chunk crunchy-munch cookies in peace?

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