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Sounds Like Misophonia : How to Stop Small Noises from Causing Extreme Reactions

Sounds Like Misophonia : How to Stop Small Noises from Causing Extreme Reactions

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Author: Gregory, Dr Jane, Ahmad, Adeel


Published on 14 September 2023 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Green Tree) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 336 pages
235 x 155 x 24 | 416g

'Empathetic, thoroughly informative and succinct ... Dr Gregory will be your friendly and helpful companion in the maelstrom of living with this complex disorder' - Cris Edwards, founder of misophonia charity SoQuiet---Are you often infuriated by ticking clocks, noisy eating, loud breathing, or any other small sounds? Do you wish you could sometimes put the world on mute?You might not have heard of misophonia, but if sounds can send you spiralling, you may have experienced it. In fact, it's thought that one in five of us have it. Sounds Like Misophonia is the first dedicated guide to help you make sense of the condition and design a treatment plan that works for you. Using techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), clinical psychologist Dr Jane Gregory takes you through step-by-step exercises to change your relationship with sounds and streamline your coping strategies. Alongside you on your journey is podcaster and misophone Adeel Ahmad, who carries out experiments and shares case studies from volunteers around the world. With humour and understanding, Sounds Like Misophonia offers practical ways to navigate this noisy world and live a fulfilling life, instead of fighting against it.

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