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Supertato: Eviltato vs Superpea

Supertato: Eviltato vs Superpea

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Authors: Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Picture books: character books | Adventure stories (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 29th February 2024 by Simon & Schuster Ltd in the United Kingdom as part of the 'Supertato' series.

Paperback / softback | 32 pages, Full Colour
259mm x 261mm x 4mm | 192g

Look out for the next THRILLING adventure in this super bestselling series!   It’s night-time in the supermarket and the veggies are in for the shock of their lives! Supertato’s gone BAD!   And if Supertato is now EVILTATO, just what does that mean for The Evil Pea…?   Prepare for the supermarket switcheroo that will change EVERYTHING!  Supertato is now a CBeebies TV show! Other titles in the Supertato series by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet:Supertato Supertato: Veggies Assemble Supertato: Run, Veggies, Run! Supertato: Evil Pea Rules Supertato: Veggies in the Valley of Doom Supertato: Carnival Catastro-pea! Supertato: Bubbly Troubly! Supertato: Night of the Living Veg Supertato: The Great Eggscape! Supertato: Presents Jack and the BeanstalkSupertato: Mean Green Time Machine Other terrific books by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet include:Barry the Fish with Fingers Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell No-Bot the Robot with No Bottom I Spy Island I Spy Island: Book vs. Shark  

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