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Pearl: A Graphic Novel

Pearl: A Graphic Novel

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Authors: Sherri Smith & Christine Norrie

General fiction (Children's / Teenage) | Historical fiction (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 6th June 2024 by Scholastic US in the United States.

Paperback / softback | 144 pages
229mm x 152mm | 0g

In a beautifully crafted and

captivating graphic novel from award-winning writer Sherri L. Smith

and Eisner-nominated artist Christine Norrie, a Japanese-American

girl must survive years of uncertainty and questions of loyalty

in Hiroshima during World War II.


Amy is a thirteen-year-old Japanese-American girl who lives in

Hawaii. When her great-grandmother falls ill, Amy travels to visit

family in Hiroshima for the first time. But this is 1941. When

the Japanese navy attacks Pearl Harbor, it becomes impossible for

Amy to return to Hawaii. Conscripted into translating English radio

transmissions for the Japanese army, Amy struggles with questions

of loyalty and fears about her family amidst rumors of internment

camps in America – even as she makes a new best friend

and, over the years, Japan starts to feel something like home.

Torn between two countries at war, Amy must figure out where her

loyalties lie and, in the face of unthinkable tragedy, find hope

in the rubble of a changed world.

Beatifully illustrated by award-winning illustrator Christine


A thrilling tale of torn loyalty and survival during terrible


A glimpse into the untold stories of WWII

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