The Moment of Lift : How Empowering Women Changes the World-9781250229199

The Moment of Lift : How Empowering Women Changes the World

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Synopsis: For the last twenty years, Melinda Gates has been on a mission to find solutions for people with the most urgent needs, wherever they live. Throughout this journey, one thing has become increasingly clear to her: If you want to lift a society up, you need to stop keeping women down.

In this moving and compelling book, Melinda shares lessons she's learned from the inspiring people she's met during her work and travels around the world. As she writes in the introduction, "That is why I had to write this book-to share the stories of people who have given focus and urgency to my life.

I want all of us to see ways we can lift women up where we live."

Author: Gates, Melinda

Format: Paperback

Pagination: 288 pages

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Publication Date: 23/04/2019

BIC: Society & social sciences