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Vintage London : The Capital in Colour 1910-60

Vintage London : The Capital in Colour 1910-60

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Author: Whitelaw, Gavin

London, Greater London

Published on 1 July 2014 by The History Press Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 150 Illustrations, colour
234 x 254 x 15 | 740g

Vintage London is an unpublished collection of beautiful images of the capital as it was in all its vintage glory. A London with shops and fashions that have been consigned to history; a London of smart, neon-lit West End theatres contrasting with the squalid docklands of the East End; a London of ceremonial splendour and grimy, soot-blackened majesty; a London of the past brought vividly to life in full colour.

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