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Chakras & Shadow Work

Chakras & Shadow Work

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Author: Stefani Michelle

Reiki | Chakras, auras & spiritual energy

Published on 8th June 2024 by Llewellyn Publications,U.S. in the United States.

Paperback / softback | 216 pages
203mm x 133mm | 0g

Featuring hands-on exercises, self-reflection questions, and simple rituals, this book presents shadow work in coordination with your chakras. Guiding you chapter by chapter through the seven energy centers, Stefani Michelle empowers you to explore your inner self, confront your fears, change negative patterns of behavior, and unlock your full potential. This book provides numerous correspondences specific to each chakra, including colors, elements, gemstones, oils and herbs, foods, physical and emotional connections, and more. Explore shadow work techniques, including journal prompts, affirmations, yoga sequences, and visualizations. Learn how to activate your chakras for greater self-awareness, delve into psychic skills, and uncover aspects of yourself you never expected. With this book, you can improve your relationships, heal generational trauma, and become more compassionate toward yourself and others.

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