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Manners for Millionaires

Manners for Millionaires

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Author: Brummell & Beau

United Kingdom, Great Britain

Published on 14 May 2014 by British Library Publishing (The British Library Publishing Division) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 56 pages, Illustrations (black and white)
203 x 155 | 277g

Manners for Millionaires answers the cry for instruction and guidance from the aspiring rich: 'our readers as still belong to the Pauper, Practically Pauper and Comparatively Pauper strata of society - those, we mean, with less than GBP5000 a year and fewer than seventeen spare bedrooms - will naturally feel grateful for a few introductory directions towards ameliorating their condition.' Following the course from penury to plenty, this book is intended to help readers ascend the staircase of Prosperity. There is also a special chapter devoted specifically to American millionaires. Originally published in 1901, this humorous guide will be equally valuable for the modern millionaire.

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