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It's Behind You

It's Behind You

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Author: Foxfield, Kathryn

Children's, young adult & educational

Published on 1 July 2021 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 352 pages
129 x 197 x 24 | 244g

The bestselling author of Good Girls Die First

is back with an entertaining, high-octane and read-in-a-single-sitting

new thriller.

Welcome to the reality game show that'll scare you to

death! Have you got what it takes to last the night?

Five contestants must sit tight through the night in dark and

dangerous Umber Gorge caves, haunted by a ghost called the Puckered

Maiden. But is it the malevolent spirit they should fear... or

each other?

As the production crew ramps up the frights, secrets start to

be revealed... these teenagers have hidden motives for taking part

in It's Behind You! and could some of them be... murder?

It's Most Haunted meets I'm a Celebrity

Get Me Out of Here.

Perfect for fans of Holly Jackson and Karen McManus.

Knife-edge tension and twists you won't see coming...


'addictive, easy to get lost in, and utterly compelling to

read' - And On She Reads

'keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing who did it

until the very last pages' - ReadingZone

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