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Fight Night : 'A Gem: humour and hope in the face of suffering' Observer

Fight Night : 'A Gem: humour and hope in the face of suffering' Observer

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Author: Toews, Miriam

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Published on 1 June 2023 by FABER & FABER in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 272 pages
129 x 198 x 19 | 226g

FROM THE WRITER OF THE OSCAR-WININNG WOMEN TALKINGINTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHORLONGLISTED FOR THE DUBLIN LITERARY AWARD'Go Grandma Elvira!' Margaret Atwood'Wickedly funny and fearlessly honest.' The New Yorker'Glorious.' Sarah MossYou are a small thing, and you must learn to fight.

Swiv has taken this advice too literally. Now she's suspended from school, in the care of her foul-mouthed, hilarious grandmother. Mom is busy being pregnant, so Grandma gives Swiv a very different education. Swiv learns maths with Amish jigsaws and How to Dig a Winter Grave. Grandma's methods may be unorthodox, but she has faced the worst of life with a wild, independent spirit and this is what she hopes to pass on. Time is running short. Grandma's health is failing and the baby is on the way - can Grandma inspire this fire in Swiv, and ensure it never goes out?Poignant, hilarious and deeply moving, Fight Night is a girl's love letter to the women raising her and a tribute to one family's fighting spirit.

'A love letter to our brave and brilliant matriarchs.' Glamour'Miriam Toews is a genius.' R. O. Kwon'As compelling and hilarious and indecently sad as life can be.' Financial Times

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