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What Mothers Learn

What Mothers Learn

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Author: Naomi Stadlen

Advice on parenting

Published on 2nd April 2020 by Little, Brown Book Group (Piatkus Books) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 304 pages
154mm x 380mm x 29mm | 374g

'Naomi writes so gently; her words are a soothing balm in these months of confusion . . . Thank you, Naomi, for your wise words' JUNO'Essential reading for mothers' Breastfeeding TodayIt is amazing to listen to mothers and hear how much they learn.

Each mother learns different things - some practical, some mysterious. However, some common patterns come through.

Mothers learn that:*Mothering is more than baby- and childcare.

*Babies can't talk but they can communicate.

*Mothers are 'in conversation' with their babies.

*Through their babies, mothers learn about themselves.

*Mothers form families based on their own values.

*The role of fathers is in the middle of a major change.

*The reasons for maternal anger need to be understood.

*Mothers can still be feminists.

*Part of mothering is a spiritual experience.

*Mothers bring usable experience back to their workplaces.

What Mothers Learn will show, first, how learning to be a mother takes time, and then what a wonderful experience it can be. It also makes the case that, if enough of us agree that mothering is essential, society must find a way to reward the women who do it.

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