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Marv and the Ultimate Superpower World Book Day 2024

Marv and the Ultimate Superpower World Book Day 2024

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Authors: Alex Falase-Koya & Paula Bowles

Children's, Teenage & educational | General fiction (Children's / Teenage)

Published on 15th February 2024 by Oxford University Press in the United Kingdom.

Paperback / softback | 80 pages
179mm x 111mm | 56g

In this World Book Day special, join MARV and his friends in FIVE action-packed superhero adventures celebrating the ultimate superpower-KINDNESS!When Marvin puts on his superhero suit he becomes the unstoppable, invincible, MARV, a superhero with infinite powers fuelled by imagination. In these five mini tales, there's plenty of trouble a-foot and supervillains to defeat-from Professor Feather and the dreaded Duck of Doom to the Conjurer and her laser-blasting battle spaceships.

For another superhero story featuring Marv, check out Marv and the Mega Robot, and discover how Marvin gets his super-suit, becomes a hero, and defeats his first villain.

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