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Tunnels of Blood : Book 3

Tunnels of Blood : Book 3

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Author: Shan, Darren

Children's, young adult & educational

Published on 6 November 2000 by HarperCollins Publishers (HarperCollins Children's Books) as part of 'The Saga of Darren Shan' series.

Paperback | 176 pages
139 x 155 x 13 | 128g

Darren Shan and Evra Von follow a trail of corpses and confront a foul creature of the night. A new enemy or Mr Crepsley?

When Mr Crepsley is called upon by the Vampire Generals, Darren and the snake-boy, Evra Von, leave the Cirque Du Freak and travel with him to the city. Whilst there, Darren meets Debbie and his life as a Vampire's Assistant fades into the background - until corpes are found. Corpses drained of blood... Suspicious of Mr Crepsley's secretive bahaviour, Darren and Evra shadow him across the city and confront a creature of the night who may be the end of them all...

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