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Rolife Sweet Forest DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS026

Rolife Sweet Forest DIY Dollhouse Box Theater DS026

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Cute natural style: This DIY dollhouse is not limited to the conventional perception of the "garden" concept, but adopts a more primitive and open forest scene, revealing a strong sense of freedom.
A garden does not necessarily belong to people, but also to small animals. From such a perspective, we set up a bear in the woods who loves to make honey and is willing to share it. Do you want to know his story? Stay tuned!

Multifunctional Dollhouse: This dollhouse is also functional. It includes aesthetic dustproof, pull-out PET board, transparent display and dustproof self-contained; and a storage drawer that holds counterweight coins and cards, common needle and thread buttons, etc.

Warm Ambient Light: It also includes a warm light and a hidden battery box. Each light + battery box is assembled in one piece, no need to use any wiring by yourself, which is simple and beautiful.

Very accurate laser cut
No glue needed to assemble

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