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The Zoo - Children’S Escape Room (7-10)

The Zoo - Children’S Escape Room (7-10)

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Hello, my name is ben and i work at the zoo here in singapore (it’s one of the biggest zoos in the world!).

We found a message for you in one of the animal enclosures - it doesn’t happen very often to be honest, so we thought we better make sure it gets to you. Can you solve the puzzles to reveal the secret message?

There are 7 puzzles to solve, which together create a passcode. Enter the passcode into the online vault (you’ll need access to the internet) to reveal the secret message.

Clues are available online so you won't get stuck!

Age range - 7-10

Each item in the puzzle represents a different challenge - some are maths based, others logic - but all are designed to test different skills and be plenty of fun along the way!

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