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The key features
Very useful Bookaroo stationery accessory

Mix or match with all of our Bookaroo colourways. There's one for each!

Good quality thick tabs that won't damage your pages. Writable with black or white permanent marker!

Keep tabs on your tabs! Clever packaging designed to stand on your desk and use as reference

Displays brilliantly with our Bookaroo colour sets

The blurb
For the more organised amongst us, these colour co-ordinated sets of 40 self adhesive sticky tabs are spot on! Annotate your novel, divide your Bookaroo notebook into subjects, sections or topics or mark your favourite recipe pages with these good quality, gentle but secure, writable and very 'Bookaroo' tabs. Or simply make a colour statement with your chosen Bookaroo colourway. There's a set to mix or match with every one! There's co-ordinated and then there's Bookaroo!

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