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Bookaroo Pen - ORANGE

Bookaroo Pen - ORANGE

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The key features
Black ball point pen containing superior German ink

Soft coated barrel - A lovely thing to hold and behold

Mix, match or clash with your favourite Bookaroo products

Available in the Bookaroo signature colours

NOW available separately - Pack of 3 refills with each containing 800m of black ink!

The blurb

It’s just a pen. But it IS a good one. It contains superior German black ink so flows beautifully and the barrel is lovely and soft coated to make it comfortable to hold blah blah blah. But MOST importantly and what you really need to know is…it LOOKS GOOD! Create a bit of ‘penvy’ with your friends and mix and Match your pen with your other accessories and complete the Bookaroo Lookaroo! Available in the Bookaroo signature colours, this item pulls together the full colour story!! AND refill and reuse your favourite pen with our pack of 3 x black ink refills! Less waste – more writing! So it might be just a pen (and refill), but they are great additional purchases for customers buying any Bookaroo product. Product in packaging: 3 x 1.5 x 18.5cm Display : 15 x 24 x 27cm

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