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Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons

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Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons provides a balanced force, perfectly suited to Boarding Action missions in Warhammer 40k.

This set includes the following:

- 1x Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance

- 10x Flesh Hounds

- 10x Bloodletters

This box can be used to assemble a variety of units the recommended build for Boarding Action games is Karanak, two units of five Flesh Hounds, and a unit of ten Bloodletters.

All models are supplied with their appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly. Rules for playing Boarding Action games of Warhammer 40,000 can be found in the Arks of Omen: Abaddon supplement. Additional rules for Chaos Daemons Boarding Patrols can be found in Arks of Omen: Vashtorr.

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