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Games Workshop Cities of Sigmar Army Set

Games Workshop Cities of Sigmar Army Set

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The Cities of Sigmar Army Set from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range is the ideal place to start building your Cities of Sigmar collection - giving you a great selection of the most important units for your army, a limited-edition battletome with rules for fielding a Seraphon army, plus a set of reference cards and tokens.

Your first chance to get your hands on the brand new Cities of Sigmar miniatures and battletome is nearly here, with a jam-packed Army Set coming to pre-order on Saturday. Two units of 10 Steelhelms and five Cavaliers muster around a Freeguild Marshal and his attendant Alchemite Warforger. 

In addition to the miniatures, this set contains a special edition of the new battletome with an exclusive cover, a deck of warscroll cards for all 52 Cities of Sigmar units, and four transfer sheets covered in iconography for your city of choice.

It’s hands-down the best way to start a new Cities of Sigmar army, or update your existing one with heaps of new units.

Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Model: 86-04 Cities of Sigmar Army Set

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