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Warcry: Royal Beastflayers

Warcry: Royal Beastflayers

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Pre-order, out 5th August 2023

The hunt is on, and the Royal Beastflayers are riding out in the magnificent panoply of the king’s court to track the greatest game for their noble liege-lords.

To outsiders that heraldry looks an awful lot like blood, offal, and bone, but the Flesh Eater Courts’ delusions are as overwhelming as their ferocity. This twisted band of monster hunters includes a Royal Flaymaster, a Beastflayer Baron, a coterie of Ghoul Gore-Squires and Trackers, and two sinister simian brutes known as Offal Hounds.

Warcry is a strategic skirmish tabletop wargame set in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe. This warband features the Flesh-Eater Courts, a delusional faction of ghouls that believe they are royal knights. This box includes 10 miniatures that are supplied unpainted and require assembly.


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