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Citadel shade- Agrax Earthshade

Citadel shade- Agrax Earthshade

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If you are looking to buy some new paints that stand out and compliment your miniatures then look no further, it is no secret that Citadel paints are some of the best in the business both in popularity and quality. Whether you want to buy paint for basing, highlighting, shading, creating texture or just touching up already painted models Games Workshop makes it all and we have it here. Between the Citadel Contrast, Base, Shade, Dry, Layer and Technical ranges you will find every paint you could ever need in the Citadel paints category.

The Citadel Shade range from Games Workshop has been specially designed to define details, add depth of colour to recesses and shadowed areas. Citadel Shade paints are very effective and are available in a variety of tones.


1x 24ml Pot of Agrax Earthshade Citadel Shade Paint

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